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 2.1 Snow,2.1 Albino,1.2 Lavander,1.3 Lavender and 1.1 Green  Reptiles For Sale / Wanted2.1 Snow,2.1 Albino,1.2 Lavander,1.3 Lavender and 1.1 Green
Available 2.1 Snow ball python,2.1 Albino ball python,1.2 lavender,1.3...
 Hermann hatchlings for sale Reptiles For Sale / WantedHermann hatchlings for sale
Hermann hatchlings, born September 2016. All healthy and active.
 Beautiful female bearded dragon for sale Reptiles For Sale / WantedBeautiful female bearded dragon for sale
2 and a half year old beautiful bearded dragon. In perfect health, vet...
 Corn snake and full setup vivarium Reptiles For Sale / WantedCorn snake and full setup vivarium
Corn snake and full setup with vivarium, wants good home as my son no ...
 Leopard Gecko for Sale Reptiles For Sale / WantedLeopard Gecko for Sale
Leopard Gecko for sale, along with vivarium, microclimate heat mat and...
 Baby Gargoyle Geckos Reptiles For Sale / WantedBaby Gargoyle Geckos
Baby Gargoyle Geckos Striped or reticulated available. All feed...
 Proven female pinstripe ball python Reptiles For Sale / WantedProven female pinstripe ball python
Feeds well. Good to handle but son lost interest so must go. £175 wit...
 2 year old female bearded dragon Reptiles For Sale / Wanted2 year old female bearded dragon
Lexi comes with her 4f tank and the whole set up with extra things. Go...
 Various Corn Snakes for Sale Reptiles For Sale / WantedVarious Corn Snakes for Sale
Hey Guys and Girls! I am a hobbyist breeder based in Maidenhead, Be...
 2 Female Beardies for sale Reptiles For Sale / Wanted2 Female Beardies for sale
Due to a change in personal circumstances I am forced to give up my 2 ...

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Noahs Ark Reptile Courier

Defra licenced and insured. Weekly runs with prices from £45. Also European collections & deliveries available.
Tel: 07850 460490

Top 20 Tips for Keeping Bearded Dragons

1. Try not to reach over your dragon to pick it up. It will just scare him/her. Always try to approach from the side or front.

2. Never take your dragon outside to sun in a glass tank. The glass will amplify the heat and this could swiftly prove fatal for your pet.

3. A bearded dragon's diet is one of the three most important aspects of care. Proper lighting and temperatures are the other two major areas of focus.

4. Younger bearded dragons can be fed two or three times a day. Adults can be fed once or twice a day.

5. Bearded dragons are omnivores. This means they eat a mix of plant and animal matter.

6. When a beardie is shedding it is good to give him or her a bath once a day until the shedding is done. The water aids in the shedding process.

7. Make sure you give your beardie plenty of exercise. Let him/her run around for a while but always keep your eye on them!

8. A salad of dark greens and other vegetables should be offered daily, even if your dragon doesn't eat it. Fruits can be added on occasion for a treat.

9. Many baby beardies won't touch vegetables until after 4 months of age or so.

10. Insects can also be gut-loaded. This is an alternative method of getting the necessary vitamins and minerals into your bearded dragon's diet.

11. It's normal for a beardie to display his or her beard (i.e. the skin under the chin that will darken and puff out). Dragons tend to do this when they feel threatened and also when they are basking to cool their insides.

12. As bearded dragons mature they will eat less insects and more vegetables.

13. Try to handle them a lot when they're babies.

14. When handling baby dragons do something they like. Maybe rub or spray some warm water on them then they'll come to enjoy being in your hand.

15. Hatchlings and juveniles will sometimes raise their tails when alert. This is normal behaviour.

16. Don't feed spinach to a bearded dragon. It can keep calcium locked-up.

17. Put tiny crickets in a bowl with greens. The crickets can't get out and as the beardie tries to catch them they'll accidently eat the greens. After a couple of days they should start eating the greens on their own.

18. Bearded dragons don't have to sense temperature change to stimulate psychological season change. They sense air pressure which occurs in seasonal changes as well.

19. It's a good idea to get your beardies used to a pelleted diet. Moisten it and mix it with vegetables to get them used to it.

20. When trying to get your bearded dragon to drink from a dish put some berry juice in the water so it becomes scented. The dragon will be attracted to it because of the scent of the berries. Stop using the juice after a while and they will then be used to drinking from the water.

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